Morocco: U.N. Climate Delegates Suffer ‘5 Stages of Grief’ Over Trump Election


Delegates at this week's U.N. climate conference in Morocco are so terrified by the thought of what President-Elect Donald Trump will do to their climate agenda that they're afraid to even speak his name, Publisher Marc Morano tells MRCTV in an exclusive on-the-scene interview.

Standing in front of the conference site in Marrakech, Morocco, Morano spoke with MRCTV via Skype and provided a first-hand report on the devastating effect of the news of Trump's election on the proceedings.

"The mood is nothing but the five stages of grief," Morano explains.

“If you look down here in Morocco at the U.N. climate summit, the mood is going to be nothing but the five stages of grief. And, I think they started the week out in pure, classic denial:

“In fact, they said that Trump’s name was taboo, originally – that he was omnipresent here, Pres.-Elect Trump, but that no one dared mention his name. And, as the week’s gone one, people are going to the next phases of grief: we’re getting a lot of anger now, anger from environmentalists, anger toward the United States, we’re getting threats.”

“Former French Pres. Sarkozy is now threatening a sort of trade war and punishing the United States if we pull out of the summit. But, now, I think it’s moving to more of an acceptance phase among some people. In fact, some of the environmentalists are just saying that, between Donald Trump’s campaign promises and the Republicans in power, that their so-called climate agenda is facing a very serious threat.”

Delegates are filled with “absolute horror” by the possibility that Trump will pick Competitive Enterprise Institute Director Myron Ebell to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Morano says. Liberal media like CNN, CBS Evening News, and the New York Times are terrified by the prospect of Ebell running EPA the EPA, so they’re scrambling to publish anti-Ebell tells MRCTV.

Morano also shared stories of some of his lighter antics at the climate conference – such as when he posed with a life-size size image of Trump. “People recoiled, as though they were vampires to a crucifix, when they would see the image of Trump here.”

Watch the full on-the-scene Skype interview with Publisher Marc Morano below.


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