More Woke Nonsense: Microsoft Hosts Open MSIgnite Show Declaring Race, Corporate Guilt

Alex Hall | November 9, 2021
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Microsoft opened an event by apologizing to indiginous tribes of America on whose land their offices are built. No word on whether Bill Gates wants to actually return them. 

Microsoft hosted Microsoft Ignite 2021 in a Nov. 2 broadcast and couldn’t wait more than 30 seconds to start spewing woke gibberish. After an initially cheerful greeting, Senior Program Manager Allison Weins declared, “First, we want to acknowledge that the land where the Microsoft campus is situated was traditionally occupied by the Sammamish, the Duwamish, the Snoqualmie, the Suquamish, the Muckleshoot, the Snohomish, the Tulalip, and coast Salish peoples since time immemorial.” She noted further those peoples are “still here, continuing to honor and bring to light their ancient heritage.” It appears that the secret to having Big Tech companies actually respect ancient traditions and culture is being born into a group liberals care about.

For more details watch the video above and check out NewsBusters.