More Choices for Hunters - Blaze Pink Joins Blaze Orange

Eric Scheiner | February 7, 2017

Virginia lawmakers unanimously passed a bill this week allowing hunters to don blaze pink as well as blaze orange hunting apparel.

Blaze orange has long been the color required for hunter safety in Virginia, but soon female hunters may be able to consider a pink option.

The legislation says:

“A. During any firearms deer season, except during the special season for hunting deer with a muzzle-loading rifle only, in counties and cities designated by the Board, every hunter and every person accompanying a hunter shall (i) wear a blaze orange or blaze pink hat, except that the bill or brim of the hat may be a color or design other than solid blaze orange or blaze pink, or blaze orange or blaze pink upper body clothing, that is visible from 360 degrees or (ii)  display at least 100 square inches of solid blaze orange or blaze pink material at shoulder level within body reach visible from 360 degrees.”

The measure now goes to the state senate.

If it becomes law, Virginia will join Wisconsin, New York, Colorado and Louisiana in allowing blaze pink.

This 2016 video clip from Wisconsin’s WISN showcases the interest in the blaze pink apparel.