More than $30K Raised for Elderly Pro-Life Activist Brutally Beaten Outside Planned Parenthood Clinic

Haika Mrema | May 31, 2023
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More than thirty thousand dollars has been raised for an elderly pro-life activist who was brutally attacked outside Planned Parenthood

Supporters nationwide have donated to a GoFundMe drive for pro-life activist Mark Crosby, who was brutally attacked and beaten Friday outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Baltimore, Maryland. Mark Crosby, 73, and Dick Schafer, 80 were praying outside a Planned Parenthood Clinic when an assailant “lunged” at Schafer. Crosby went to help Schafer but was hit and knocked to the ground. The assailant then kicked Crosby in the head, according to an email from local pro-lifer John Roswell sent to LifeSiteNews. 

President of Baltimore County Right to Life Dr. Jay Walton organized the GoFundMe for Crosby after he suffered serious injuries, including a fracture in his face and a damaged bone eye orbit to be replaced with metal, as reported by The Daily Signal:

“One of our volunteers, Mark Crosby, was brutally beaten on May 26, 2023 while he was praying in front of the Planned Parenthood in Baltimore City, Walton stated. “Mark is currently in the hospital being treated for the serious injuries he sustained. Please make a donation to help Mark recover financially from this terrible experience.”

“For years, Mark has prayed in front of the Planned Parenthood in Baltimore City to let the scared, young abortion-minded women know that they are loved, that their baby is loved,” Walton continued. 

This horrific incident is one of many where those who advocate for unborn children are met with violence and hostile behavior from those who oppose their efforts. Furthermore, the media refuse to appropriately cover incidents like this, because it would destroy the “pro-choice” narrative they so desperately seek to advance.