More Than 1M Illegals Caught Since October, Smashing Last Year's Record

Brittany M. Hughes | February 26, 2023
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But…but…but…Joe Biden said the southern border is secure!

In fact, so did his vice president. And his White House press secretary. And the head of his Department of Homeland Security.

Unfortunately for the Biden administration, data tells the truth – regardless of who’s in office telling lies.

We’re about five months into FY 2023, which began last Oct. 1. And as of last Friday, more than 1 million illegal aliens (1,008,217, in fact) had already been caught crossing the Southwest U.S. border unlawfully, surpassing the total for the same time frame in 2022. Fox News reports the vast majority - nearly 88 percent - were single adults.

Only 328,454 were booted back across into Mexico via Trump's Title 42 program. The other 670,000? Can't say for sure, but that's a whole lotta bus tickets.

Which, you may recall, ended up being a historic, record-smashing year for illegal alien crossings. And we’re already on par to rocket past that.

Under the Biden administration’s watch, U.S. border agents nabbed 1.7 illegal aliens in FY2021 and more than 2.3 million in FY2022, a shocking total that far exceeds any other year in recent history. But this time last year, just under 840,000 illegal aliens had been caught coming across the border unlawfully, well shy of the million-plus who’ve been caught since October.

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Oh, but lest you haven’t gotten the warm and fuzzies yet, it gets better: the data shows that on top of the ones we’ve caught, another 328,454 known "gotaways” have entered the country so far this fiscal year.

But that’s what happens when you’ve got a president more interested in securing Ukraine’s borders than his own, and who visits overwhelmed towns like El Paso to snap a few staged photos on a sanitized sidewalk before jetting back to his Delaware beach house.

So color me disgusted, but not shocked.

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