Monkeypox Superspreader? San Fran Holds ‘Kink and Fetish’ Festival

Michael Ippolito | August 3, 2022
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I thought June was over. Why is San Francisco having another pride parade?! Don’t they know about the super dangerous monkeypox pandemic occurring?!  

Well, of course they do, but who is going to call out homosexuals on their behavior, or cancel a holy feast in their liturgical calendar. According to Breitbart, San Francisco held a “Kink and Fetish” sex festival despite the monkeypox pandemic.

Funny enough, city officials declared Monkeypox a public health emergency days before the festival. But don’t worry, the organizers took the necessary precautions to limit the spread. No, they didn’t cancel gay orgies but put the sex toy and dog-collar booths ten feet apart and required monkeypox and coronavirus vaccines before entering. “Things that used to be audience participation are not, to keep people from smooshing together,” Angel Adeyoha, executive director of Folsom Street, the group that produces the Up Your Alley event,” said in a San Francisco Chronicle report. “We’re trying to keep people from smooshing together.” So before you get whipped by a strange man in leather, make sure to get your vaccine!

Despite these precautions, attendance was not where the organizers wanted it to be. Only 7,000 weirdos came out for the festival even though the officials hired professional fetishists and had covid testing. 

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“Speaking as a veteran of the HIV wars, we don’t preach.” Cal Callahan, manager of the city’s official Leather & LGBTQ Cultural District, said in the Chronicle report. “We offer information.” Do they offer information about how Monkeypox is getting spread?

“With this crowd, everyone wants to get paddled,” said Big Daddy Larry Rich, CEO of Bare Chest Calendar. “If it doesn’t land there, people ask to spin it again. San Francisco is a kinky city, and this fair is our dirty little secret.” 

Secret? We should be so lucky.