Mom of the Year? Ariz. Woman Arrested for Allegedly Punching 7-Year-Old for Not Being 'Good Enough' Lookout for Shoplifting Granny

Nick Kangadis | April 23, 2019

It might not be nice to label people, but I feel pretty safe in calling this next woman a bad influence on children. It’s a wonder why certain people have children if they’re either just going to treat them like crap or turn them into the same type of criminal they seem to be.

Phoenix police say that 27-year-old Rebecca Gonzales slapped and punched her 7-year-old son in the face because, as the child told them, “he didn’t watch out for his grandma good enough.”

What was the young child watching out for? His grandma was allegedly shoplifting and needed the boy to be her lookout. When the boy’s mother, Gonzales, came to pick the boy up from Walmart, officers reported that they saw the mother strike the child while they were in the parking lot. Police also said, according to ABC 15 - Arizona, that boy’s mouth was bleeding when officers approached the situation.

The mother’s has been arrested for aggravated assault. However, there’s no word as to any repercussion for the shoplifting granny.

What is wrong with people? The grandmother is supposedly a criminal. The mother is supposedly a criminal. What chance does that poor kid have of not eventually being in the system? Not only that, but how bad do you have to be at being an adult criminal that you blame your shortcomings as a criminal on a child young enough that they probably just learned how to tie their shoes?

Here's a suggestion. Maybe don’t be a criminal and focus on being some kind of a decent parent to your child? Sure, parenting is difficult. But, isn’t that a better alternative to being a criminal while also being a poor excuse for a parent to your kid?

H/T: Daily Mail