MIT's New Bra Sets Off An Alarm When Forcibly Touched

ola olugbemi | December 4, 2017
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Have you ever wondered how to keep those pesky perverts away? Then the smart people in Massachusetts have developed a product just for you!

Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology created a sticker to be placed in a woman’s bra that will sound an alarm if forcefully touched without consent, according to Mashable.

Should their bra be touched, the wearer of the device, called the “Intrepid,” will receive a message on their smartphone or linked device asking if consent has been given. If the wearer does not respond -- or, God forbid, miss the text -- the phone will sound a loud alarm, send an alert with your GPS location to a pre-set list of family and friends, and start recording the surrounding noise.

MIT engineer Manisha Mohan stated that the device would help users fend off potential assaulters, saying, “We don’t need bodyguards. I think I should have the ability to protect myself… and that’s what I would want this project to do."

Watch video of the Intrepid device below:

But don't worry -- there's no possible way this could go wrong.

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