Missouri Rep.: 'Life Has No Value' to Mass Shooters, Abortion May Be a Factor

Patrick Taylor | June 2, 2022
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Rep. Billy Long (R-Mo.) is facing controversy after making statements connecting abortion to  widespread disregard for human life. This disregard, Long said, is part of the culture that leads to violence and shootings.

In a Wednesday interview with Missouri radio station The Eagle 93.9, Long was asked whether he believed there was an appetite for gun restrictions among congressional Republicans. Long disagreed with the premise that guns were to blame for mass shootings, criticizing gun control supporters for “trying to blame an inanimate object for all of these tragedies.”

“When I was growing up in Springfield, you had one or two murders a year,” he said. “Now we have two, three, four a week in Springfield, Missouri. So something has happened to our society. I go back to abortion, when we decided it was okay to murder kids in their mothers’ wombs. Life has no value to a lot of these folks.”

Long also described gun violence as a “systemic problem,” citing shootings in Springfield, Mo. that, “to his knowledge,” were not “done with any kind of [an] Armalite rifle or AK, or anything like that.” None of the current proposals in Washington, D.C., Long argued, address this systemic problem.

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As one might expect, elements of the liberal press immediately sought to twist the congressman’s words.

The Huffington Post, for example, published an article titled, “GOP Lawmaker Manages To Blame Abortion For Mass Shootings." In the piece, writer Josephine Harvey “debunked” Long’s claims, because murders in Springfield, Mo. didn’t immediately spike following the Roe v. Wade verdict in 1973. Predictably, HuffPo instead pointed to guns.

The American Independent, a leftist magazine that is anything but independent, also pounced on Long’s remarks, snidely writing “Rep. Billy Long (R-MO) said Wednesday that he believes he knows why mass shootings are so common in the United States: It's abortion rights.”

If what they say about judging a man by his enemies is true, Long deserves credit.

To left-wing publications like The Huffington Post, it’s incomprehensible that mass shootings could be the product of complex societal forces and not merely caused by the weapons that deranged mass shooters decide to use. If one’s view of the problem is this simplistic, it’s unsurprising that one will come to such simplistic “solutions.”

It is simplistic thinkers like these that ridicule people like Long for considering other factors at play in creating maniacs like the Uvalde, Texas shooter, rather than moving to disarm the American populace.


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