Missouri Gov. Parson Tells Hannity He'll Pardon McCloskeys: 'They are Law-Abiding Citizens'

Nick Kangadis | July 21, 2020
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Apparently for St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner “peaceful protesters” can knock down the gate to your private community, threaten your personal property and your life, and you have no right to brandish your legally-owned firearms on said private property. For Gardner, it seems laws protecting private citizens are illegal. Luckily, people like Gardner don’t have the final say.

Gardner has charged the McCloskey's with unlawful use of a weapon/flourishing. 

Republican Missouri Gov. Mike Parson made an appearance on Monday evening’s edition of “Hannity” on Fox News and told host Sean Hannity that he will “without  a doubt” pardon Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the Missouri homeowners who defended their private property from a mob of “protesters” by wielding — but not using — their legally-owned firearms.

Hannity asked the governor about his position on a possible pardon of the couple.

“Without a doubt, Sean," McCloskey responded. "I will do everything within the Constitution of the State of Missouri to protect law-abiding citizens and those people are exactly that. They are law-abiding citizens, and they're being attacked frankly by a political process that's really unfortunate.”

That’s the sad part. Instead of the “process” being about justice — which is what the left always leads people to believe is what they want — it’s instead about the society poisoning entity called  politics.

An interesting portion of the interview came when Parson brought up the transparent hypocrisy and extreme double-standard that Gardner used in deciding to prosecute the McCloskeys. Fox News noted Parson’s claim that Gardner “has filed charges in only about 30 homicide cases despite 135 such crimes in St. Louis year-to-date.”

“She [Gardner] says she doesn't have the time and doesn't have the resources and yet she will go out here and charge innocent citizens, private citizens that haven't violated the law,” Parsons said. “It just defies common sense why any elected official would do such a thing.”

Well, common sense isn’t so common anymore, is it?

For Parson’s full “Hannity” segment, watch below:


On top of Parson’s statement that he would pardon the McCloskeys, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt posted a video on Twitter announcing that he will be “entering the case seeking a dismissal & defend all Missourians’ right to protect their lives/property.” He also noted Gardner’s actions are of the “political” persuasion.