Minor League Baseball Player Pays Off Parents’ Mortgage for Christmas

ashley.rae | December 26, 2017
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As a heartwarming Christmas gesture, a newly signed minor league baseball player used part of his draft bonus to pay off his parents’ mortgage.

In a viral video shared on Twitter, Arizona Diamondbacks prospect Pavin Smith tweeted a video of his parents reacting to a letter he wrote detailing that he wants their home to be officially theirs:

Through tears, his mother read, “Thank you for raising me in a great home filled with love. Because of all the sacrifices you made to get me where I am, I want our family home to be yours…”

“You can’t do that!” she exclaimed.

According to ESPN, when Smith signed on with the Arizona Diamondbacks, he received a $5 million bonus. The senior vice president of content and communications for the Diamondbacks also shared the video about Smith’s Christmas gift:

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