Minnesota College Mandates All Faculty & Staff Attend Monthly Racial Bias Training Segregated By Race

Brittany M. Hughes | April 26, 2021
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One Minnesota college is bringing back the ol’ school days – and not in a good way.

According to local reports, faculty and staff members at Carleton College in Northfield will be split up into groups by race to undergo monthly racial bias training – and no, it’s not optional.

From Alpha News MN:

According to The College Fix, the training seminars consist of monthly “community-wide events” which are followed by small group sessions called “affinity-group meetings.” The latter are divided along racial lines — one session is open to all races, another is open to biracial people only, two are reserved exclusively for “BIPOC” employees, and eight are set aside for whites.

On a web page that's reportedly since been put behind a firewall, the college is mandating that faculty and staff attend each "community event" or watch a recorded version if they can't make it in person. They are then required to select and attend one "affinity-group meeting" per month.

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The groups will discuss topics like “implicit bias and microaggressions,” “racial identity for how life at Carleton is experienced,” “bystander interventions and allyship,” and how the school can “commit to anti-racism," per the website.

In addition, the school has also pledged $500,000 for “the upcoming year to support anti-racism work and efforts related to improving equity and inclusion,” according to Carleton President Steve Poskanzer. 

“As we think further about what it will take to dismantle institutionalized racism and transform Carleton into a college that lives up to our collective aspirations, we must address gaps in equity and justice on campus — gaps we are turning to with urgency and attention,” Poskanzer said. “As a first step, anti-racism training facilitated by non-Carleton personnel will be required of all faculty and staff this fall.”

Both the money and the faculty and staff training mandates come after a small group of 12 black students accused the college of not doing enough to “quickly take action against police brutality and white supremacy” that is “is weaponized against Black people.”

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