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Minnesota City Council Caves, Reinstates Pledge of Allegiance


Last month, a Minnesota city council in the state’s 5th Congressional District voted to 5-0 to stop saying the Pledge of Allegiance before council meetings in order to “create a more welcoming environment."

This move was, expectedly, met with disdain. A slew of citizens were outraged, and Minnesota Republicans made sure to seize on the opportunity, using the Minnesota Senate Republicans’ official Twitter account to draw attention to the issue:

And it seems as if the outrage levied against the St. Louis Park City Council has resulted in a positive outcome, a rarity in modern-day American political discourse. 

On Monday, the city council voted to reinstate the pledge before meetings, with councilman Steve Hallifan saying, “I’ve concluded that I made a mistake and I’m sorry and I’m asking for forgiveness.”

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