Minneapolis Target that was Looted and Burned Last Summer Displays Mural Depicting Burning Buildings

Nick Kangadis | April 28, 2021

Activists love to preach to anyone who will listen about being “tolerant” and having “unity” amongst the people. But in reality, a good portion of them only want you to be “tolerant” of their activist narratives and “unite” behind their causes. Their sensitivity only seems to extend to those that capitulate to their agendas and bend the knee to their dogma.

The Target that was basically ruined by rioters and looters last summer in Minneapolis during the George Floyd riots is adorning some new art on its outer walls that is a representation of the “love” that activists showed the building, as well as the building across the street, last year.

“Roving journalist” Michael Tracey posted a picture on Monday of the mural adoring the Target, which ironically is right across the street from the Third Police Precinct that was torched during last summer’s riots by insurrectionists. Tracey retweeted his original tweet the next day and made an observation about the mural.

“I honestly didn’t notice at first that the mural on the left depicts a burning building — presumably the Third Police Precinct building, which was besieged and burned last year,” Tracey tweeted. “It’s right across the street.”

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According to The Federalist, the mural was cultivated from different artists by an organization that “boosts” activist organizations, like the Marxist Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization.

The artists who designed the individuals panels for the Target mural were hand-picked by Juxtaposition Arts, an organization that often boosts Black Lives Matter and “racial justice” initiatives around the city. It is unclear which burning building the artist who designed the mural intended for it to represent but the artwork is currently displayed right across the street from the city’s Third Police Precinct which burned in May after rioters forced their way inside the vandalized building and “ignited several fires.”

The funny part, which is more funny because of disbelief that someone would think of it, is that the word “TOGETHER” is emblazoned upon the portion of the mural that depicts the burning building.

Nothing says togetherness like burning down someone’s neighborhood.