Minneapolis City Council Wants To Fight Rising Crime – By Proposing More Cuts To Police

Eric Scheiner | December 2, 2020
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First the Minneapolis City Council announced it’s intent to disband it’s police department in June. What followed were budget cuts and an increase in crime.

So how is the Minneapolis City Council moving forward? Some of it’s members are putting forth a new budget – with more cuts.

KARE-TV reports:

Three members of the Minneapolis City Council released a “Safety for All” plan on Friday night to cut an additional $7.9 million from the police department’s budget in 2021 and ultimately reduce the authorized sworn force, opting instead to reinvest funding into mental health crisis response and violence prevention methods.  

Despite many residents contacting the council and expressing a fear of rising crime and support for police, the “Safety for All” plan is being worked on.

The plan also vows to cut $5 million in police overtime, while lowering the authorized MPD force to 750 in “future years,” down from the current number of 888. 

Council member Phillipe Cunningham tells KARE-TV, “What folks have overwhelmingly asked for is for a response that is led by mental health professionals rather than law enforcement.”

Perhaps, the budget proposal by the council members are what really deserves "a response that is led by mental health professionals."

The full council plans to vote on a final budget December 9th.