Migrant Lives Matter? Nearly 750 Illegal Aliens Have Died Crossing the U.S. Border This Fiscal Year

Brittany M. Hughes | September 8, 2022
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In 2016, I reported on one single morgue in Tucson, Arizona that said they were keeping the bodies of some 850 unidentified migrants who'd died trying to cross the U.S. border, their remains lying frozen waiting for someone to claim them. And it looks like the problem hasn't gotten much better - in fact, thanks to a president who cares little about American border security or migrants' lives, it's only getting worse.

Much worse.

So far this fiscal year, a record-breaking 748 people have died trying to get across the Southwest U.S. border thrown open by the Biden administration.

The stunning figure – reported, to their credit, by CNN – is about 200 more deaths than in FY2021, and is a tragic reminder of just how deadly the journey into the U.S. can be for those trying to cross unlawfully through a treacherous river and arid desert. In fact, this year’s death total already marks the highest number of illegal alien fatalities in recent CBP history, and we've still got a month left to go.

Just a few days ago, at least 13 deceased people were found by border agents and Mexican law enforcement along the riverbank while they were trying to fish other migrants out of the Rio Grande.

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The deadly journey across the river’s strong current isn’t dangerous just for migrants. Earlier this year, Texas National Guard SPC Bishop Evans lost his life trying to save a group of drug smugglers who’d been caught in the river.

The bodies of migrants – including men, women, and children – are also routinely found strewn across the desert in Texas and Arizona, rotting on private ranchland along the border, or trapped inside smuggling vehicles abandoned on the side of the road. In June, at least 50 migrants were found dead in a locked tractor trailer that had been dumped along a highway in San Antonio, smack in the middle of one of the hottest summers on record.

Despite the hazards, a flood of illegal aliens - with some families with children, though most are single adults - continue to stream into the United States in unprecedented numbers, spurred by Biden administration policies that encourage illegal migration through the promise of many "asylum-seekers" being allowed to stay.

So far this fiscal year, the Biden administration has released approximately 1 million undocumented migrants into the United States with orders to appear at immigration hearings. In addition, another million or so are estimated to have gotten into the country undetected.