Migrant Caravan Reportedly Headed for California

Monica Sanchez | November 9, 2018
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The Central American migrant caravan is reportedly marching toward California as its end destination.

Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar, who sits on the House Appropriation Committee's Homeland Security subcommittee, issued a statement on Friday following briefings with the Department of Homeland Security indicating that the caravan "with over 6,000 migrants has departed Mexico City en route to Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico." 

"It is expected that it will take approximately two weeks before a significant portion of the caravan will reach the U.S. border near San Diego, California," the statement reads. "There are another 4,000 migrants headed north in three additional caravans, according to the International Organization for Migration."

It was originally thought that the caravan would try to enter the U.S. through Texas. 

The White House this week issued a rule barring illegal aliens who cross between ports of entry from applying for asylum, though it is facing pushback, as MRCTV reported.

This comes after President Trump in a speech last Thursday announced that asylum-seekers will be turned away unless they "lawfully present themselves" at ports of entry. This rule was issued to prevent further abuse of the U.S. asylum system. 

H/T The Hill