Michigan Weatherman Fired For Not Taking mRNA Injection, Leaves With Class

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 22, 2021
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Viewers of WLUC TV-6 in Michigan are probably familiar with 30-year weather reporter Karl Bohnak. But now, Mr. Bohnak is becoming well known around the world because of his principled stand for bodily autonomy and free will when told to accept an mRNA vaccine in order to keep his job.

Bohnak would not accept the jab, and station managers have fired him from his job.

As Mary Ellen Cagnassolla writes for Newsweek:

Karl Bohnak, who reported the weather for WLUC-TV6 for more than 30 years, said he was fired for refusing to get inoculated against COVID-19. His departure, first reported by The Mining Journal, mirrors that of professionals across industries who have resigned or been fired for refusing the vaccine.

Inoculate is incorrect. MRNA injections are not inoculations. But the gist of Cagnassolla’s statement about the story is right. And, in a Facebook post Wednesday, September 15, Mr. Bohnak offered a valuable statement about free will, the jabs, and government influence in the process.

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He even had the kind heart to paraphrase a classic statement from late New York Yankees legend Lou Gehrig in his farewell:

Today, it is with a heavy heart, I announce after over 33 years, I am no longer employed at TV6.

I am sad, but, to borrow a quote from a famous ballplayer, “I'm the luckiest man on the face of the earth” because I had a dream as a kid to be a weatherman. That dream came true and to top it off, I got to broadcast weather for one of the most challenging, beautiful spots in the United States. As an added bonus, the people I broadcast to all across Upper Michigan were so kind and encouraging.

Thank you for watching.

And there was much more, all of which is worth noting…

I am leaving TV6 because the station's corporate owner, Gray Television, has mandated vaccination against COVID-19 for anyone entering a property owned by the company. Since I chose not to take one of the shots, I was fired. Many of you have taken one of these injections, and that is absolutely your right. It is also my right to choose the medical options I feel are right for me. I have authority over my body.

I have decided against the vaccine option, first and foremost, because the manufacturers of these injections have absolutely no liability if injury or death occurs after the shot. I asked myself, would I buy brakes for my vehicle if the brake company had no liability if the brakes failed? No! So, I will certainly not allow a medicine in my body from a company that does not stand behind its product.

Well said. With this, Mr. Bohnak reminded people that politicians gave the manufacturers of the jabs immunity from lawsuits if those who were injected were injured by the product. And he added:

Now, if the risk of death from COVID would be significant, I might take a chance and get injected. However, for a normally healthy adult not housed in a nursing home or not suffering from serious comorbidities, the chance of surviving COVID is well over 99 percent. I will take the chance and go without a shot. I choose not to risk serious side effects.

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His concluding paragraphs speak to the ages, as a statement about reality: politicians and officious bureaucrats are crushing liberty…

The abrogation of our liberty and freedom under the guise of a pandemic is very disturbing to me. Hopefully, whether you lean right or left, you are concerned about what has occurred the last year-and-a-half. I just wanted to go about my business, “live and let live”, and keep my mouth shut. But this act by the federal government through corporate America has brought me to a crossroads. Our way of life, our freedom and liberty, is collapsing before our eyes.

Concluded Mr.Bohnak:

Many of you have served in the U.S. military or you know friends, relatives and family members who have served. It's a strong tradition here in the U.P. (Upper Peninsula) They have served, and some have given their limbs and even their lives to preserve our freedom and liberty. It's time to wake up to what is occurring here in America and across the world. We are being bludgeoned with fear, I believe, in an effort to control us. Eminent doctors, virologists and epidemiologists who post facts contradicting the ‘official’ accepted narrative regarding COVID are being censored; some are losing their jobs. It's time to honor those who served. For me, I honor them by saying “Enough! I have the right to choose—we all do. If we do nothing, we will lose that right.

One last thought—a distillation of a portion of Jefferson's masterpiece, the Declaration of Independence: ‘When tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes duty.’ Those who love America and the freedom and liberty it stands for, must speak up. Hopefully, it's not too late.