Michigan State Professor Created a Video Game Where Players Blow Up Oil Pipelines

ola olugbemi | October 26, 2017
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On Wednesday, the Daily Caller reported that Elizabeth LaPensee, an assistant professor at Michigan State University, created a computer game that allows players to destroy oil pipelines and block energy projects in order to bring awareness to climate change issues.

The game, called “Thunderbird Strike”, allows players to use lightning bolts to torch oil pipelines and trucks. The program will premiere at the imagineNATIVE film and media arts festival, dedicated to indigenous screen content.   

The Daily Caller also noted how LaPensee told reporters that she created the game to bring “awareness to pipeline issues and contribute to the discontinuation of [Enbridge’s] Line 5,” referring to the Canadian oil pipeline that connects tar sands to the United States.

The Enbridge oil line has been attacked by environmental activists in the past, with some tampering with Line 9’s switch-off valves, forcing the developer to shut it down.

Fox News reported that the game was paid for by Michigan taxpayers.

(Cover photo: Pax Ahimsa Gethen

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