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Michelle Wolf Holds a Flag-Themed 'Salute to Abortion' On Netflix


Michelle Wolf – remember her? She’s the one with the horribly shrill voice who mocked Sarah Huckabee Sanders in her cringingly un-funny White House Correspondents Dinner monologue? Yeah, her – is back to prove once again that rock bottom does, in fact, have a basement.

During her Netflix show “The Break” on Sunday, Wolf held a “Salute to Abortion,” in which she mocked pro-life supporters, made light of infanticide, and suggested the practice of poisoning and dismembering a developing child should be “on the dollar menu at McDonalds.”

Here, I’ll recap what she said so you don’t have to torture yourself with the sound of this shrew’s horribly grating voice (seriously, my ears are still bleeding). Here’s a rundown. She started out by mocking men and accusing them of wanting to control women, because apparently, that tired line isn't quite worn-out enough.

“Abortions are a woman’s right, and I know acknowledging that is hard for some of you because that would mean you would also have to acknowledge that women are naturally equipped to do the most powerful thing in the world — give life — while you guys are naturally equipped to do what? Lift suitcases into the overhead compartment?” Wolf began (apparently clueless to the fact that she just admitted unborn children are, you know, alive).

“Abortion shouldn’t be a luxury. It shouldn’t be the new ‘I summer in Montauk.’ It should be on the dollar menu at McDonalds! ‘Hey, I’d like a large Diet Coke, and could you get this egg out of my McMuffin?’” Wolf ranted.

“So tonight, in honor of America, I’d like to do a salute to abortion in The Break’s 10th annual ‘Salute to Abortion,’” she continued.

The show then cut to a shot of Wolf in a patriotic outfit parading from backstage under a sign that read “Salute to Abortion,” accompanied by a marching band playing “You’re a Grand Old Flag.”


“If you want an abortion, get one!” Wolf shouted, tossing confetti into the air.

“And women, don’t forget – you have the power to give life and men will try to control that. Don’t let them!”

“God bless abortions, and God bless America!” she ended.

The whole thing was about as evil and nauseatingly horrendous as if someone held a military-themed parade to celebrate murdering Jewish and disabled children for sport.

Oh, wait. People did that already.


So here’s the clip, if you can stomach it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go cancel my Netflix subscription and donate the savings to a crisis pregnancy center.

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