Michael Douglas Said His Father Kirk's Last Words Were In Support of Mike Bloomberg


Talk about stumping for your candidate, no matter what.

Actor Michael Douglas is now claiming that some of the last words spoken by his recently deceased father, fellow actor and producer Kirk Douglas, were in support of Mike Bloomberg for president.

In a stump speech for Bloomberg in front of a crowd of supporters in Wisconsin this week, the younger Douglas said his 103-year-old dad, who passed away just days ago, told him “Mike can get it done” before breathing his last.

“I don’t know if he was pulling my leg or not, but one of the last words that he said in the hospital, when he came and he saw me, asked me to lean over close to him, and I leaned over close to him and he said, ‘Mike can get it done,'” Douglas said, according to WKOW.

Not “I love you, son.” Not “I’ve never been more proud of you,” or “Everything will be OK, I'll see you soon.”

Nope. At the end of a remarkable 103-year stint on Planet Earth, Douglas allegedly used his final moments to champion a presidential candidate. Because as well all know that as we're laying on our death beds, the next election cycle is probably going to be our top priority. Totally believable, and not at all made up.

And on that note, I’m off to respond to this email I got from a Nigerian prince who says he just needs my bank account number so I can collect my $5 million. 

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