Mexico's Interior Ministry to Reportedly Deport Migrants Who Stormed U.S./Mexico Border

Nick Kangadis | November 26, 2018
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President Trump, and a large portion of U.S. citizens, aren’t the only ones who are tired of the migrant “caravan” saga. The antics of the migrants who are attempting to enter the U.S., and allegedly seek asylum, have worn the patience of the U.S. — and now Mexico, apparently — very thin.

The BBC is reporting that “Mexico will deport Central American migrants who attempted to storm the US border” on Sunday, according to the Mexican interior ministry.

According to the BBC:

Mexican Interior Minister Alfonso Navarrete said the migrants had asked for help to organise the demonstration but were then reportedly encouraged by some of the movement's leaders to split into different groups so they could make a run for the border and try to cross into the US.

The march started peacefully with migrants carrying pro-immigration banners and shouting: "We aren't criminals! We are hard workers!”.

But once they managed to get past the security cordon, the march quickly turned into a dash for the border, BBC correspondent Will Grant reports.

As I’ve asked and written many times before, what do people not understand about the word “illegal?” You can’t just do what you want, no matter how “right” you think you might be. There are laws for a reason. You’re not allowed to just make them up as you go. Plus, different countries have different laws, and the U.S. doesn’t have the same lawlessness as some Central American countries whose governments are essentially controlled by drug cartels.

The Mexican interior ministry isn’t having any of the migrants perception that they’re entitled to entry into the U.S. After all, the migrants' border-crossing attempts are originating on Mexican land.

The BBC also reported:

Mexico's interior ministry said in a statement that a group of "nearly 500 migrants" had "tried to cross the border in a violent way" at El Chaparral border crossing.

Those identified as having taken part in these "violent events" woulMexd be deported immediately, he said.

The ministry added that, "far from helping their objectives", the migrants' actions had violated the legal migration framework and could have led to a "serious incident”.

No matter what you want to call it — a caravan, a mob or an invasion — a large swath of people storming an sovereign country’s border could have absolutely led to a “serious incident,” not just for the people policing the border, but the people in the “caravan” as well. Who knows if anyone was trampled in the mad dash for the asylum the “caravan” allegedly seeks from the U.S., after already denying asylum from the Mexican government.