Mets Pitcher Furious Over MLB's COVID Policies

John Simmons | July 8, 2022
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New York Mets pitcher Chris Bassitt has had enough of the MLB’s COVID testing policy.

Bassitt tested for the virus after he started feeling sluggish in late June, and on July 1st the Mets placed him on the COVID list. He missed his scheduled start against the Texas Rangers last Friday and rejoined the team yesterday for a series against the Miami Marlins.

He said he only tested because he has a daughter and wanted to make sure that she didn’t get sick, but that he felt asymptomatic and other than the sluggishness felt normal.

He also implored the MLB to stop making a huge fuss of the disease, which everyone has a better understanding of now and can be handled with great effectiveness. 

"Just stop testing. Stop acting like COVID is far worse than a lot of other things," Bassitt said. "I was never sick. I probably won't (test again). There's no way. There's no reason."

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Currently, the MLB requires players to be tested in situations where someone displays symptoms COVID-19.

But at some point, everyone really just needs to move on from the COVID fear mongering. We now know that it’s just a glorified flu and that the vast majority of Americans have no legitimate reason to fear if they get sick, especially professional athletes. 

Let the men play ball.