MELTDOWN: 7 of the Craziest Liberal Tantrums Over Dems' Virginia Loss

Brittany M. Hughes | November 2, 2021
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As Tuesday evening faded into night, it became increasingly clear that Virginia Republican Glenn Youngkin, a Republican, was going to claim a solid victory over Democrat Terry McAuliffe to secure his place as Virginia's next governor, breaking a string of leftwing control over the formerly red state that's been turning more and more blue.

And the libs were very, very unhappy.

In addition to being tied to Biden’s flagging poll numbers, the race for the Commonwealth, which was supposed to be a slam-dunk for McAuliffe in a state that had elected two Democrat governors back-to-back and had held strong for Biden in 2020, came down to two key points: the state’s education system, and suburban parents who were fed up with it.

But according to leftists unable to accept their own abysmal failures, it was all because of racism (despite the fact that voters also elected Jason Miyares, a Republican and the son of a Cuban immigrant, as their new attorney general, and Winsome Sears, a Republican and the first black woman to win a statewide office in Virginia’s history).

Here are some of the biggest – and most hilarious – meltdowns from butthurt liberals.

Joy Reid losing it on MSNBC….

The radical left-wing host claimed Youngkin’s win was because of “uncomfortable” white parents who hold the "racist idea...that you cannot teach the truth about Thomas Jefferson" in public schools. (She notably did not comment on Sears’ historic victory thanks to those same supposed racists.)

….then straight-up claiming that "Republicans are dangerous.”

“This isn't a party that's just another political party that disagrees with us on tax policy. That at this point, they're dangerous. They're dangerous to our national security."

CNN's Van Jones absurdly calling Youngkin the "Delta variant of Trumpism."

The Daily Beast’s Wajahat Ali, who claimed that “whiteness remains undefeated.”

Again, with no comment on the major wins for Sears and Miyares.

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace actually claiming that Critical Race Theory “isn’t real,” and that white Virginia parents were scared of a boogeyman.

Project Lincoln’s Fred Wellman, who said McAuliffe’s loss is because Democrats ignored racism, or something.

MSNBC’s Brian Williams bizarrely saying that Youngkin’s victory is related to a group of QAnon conspiracy theorists who believe JFK is still alive.