Megyn Kelly: ‘Trump’s Election...Was a Setback For Women’

Brittany M. Hughes | December 6, 2017
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In an interview with TIME Magazine, former Fox News host-turned-NBC talk show anchor Megyn Kelly called Donald Trump’s election to the presidency a “setback for women,” saying it’d have been better for women if Hillary Clinton had won and suggesting that all sexual harassment claims leveled against men in Hollywood dating back decades are somehow the first-year president’s fault.

Here’s Kelly’s short excerpt from TIME’s lengthy Person of the Year article, which praised the women (and a few men) of the popularized #MeToo movement for coming forward against their abusers:

Megyn Kelly, the NBC anchor who revealed in October that she had complained to Fox News executives about Bill O'Reilly's treatment of women, and who was a target of Trump's ire during the campaign, says the tape as well as the tenor of the election turned the political into the personal.

"I have real doubts about whether we'd be going through this if Hillary Clinton had won, because I think that President Trump's election in many ways was a setback for women," says Kelly, who noted that not all women at the march were Clinton supporters. "But the overall message to us was that we don't really matter."

It’s not immediately clear how Kelly managed to blame sexual misconduct going back decades in Hollywood and other public spheres to a president who took office less than a year ago, but O.K. And if by “going through this,” Kelly means women speaking out en masse against their abusers, that seems to suggest that had Trump lost the election, Kelly thinks sexual assault victims stemming back generations would have simply remained in the shadows – hardly an improvement.

Of course, it’s also not clear how Kelly thinks women would have better served by the election of a woman who once publicly defended a pedophile and is (still) married to an alleged rapist and known philanderer.

Not to mention that Donald Trump did manage to earn 42 percent of the female vote last November from women who clearly didn’t feel ousted by his election.

But I guess we’ll just ignore all of them.