Meet The Biased Press: 'Journalist' Asks WH- 'What Color is the Sky in the President's World?'

Patrick Hauf | June 6, 2018
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Seconds after Tuesday's White House press briefing, one journalist can be heard yelling at Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, asking, "What color is the sky in the president's world?"



The Daily Caller identified the man as CNN Contributor Brian Karem.  

Karem, who serves as the White House correspondent for the always classy Playboy, asked the question as Sanders was leaving the podium, a moment where many journalists typically attempt to get one last answer out of the secretary.

However, Karem's question could be heard the loudest. You can listen for yourself in the video above.

Karem made a name for himself last year when he fired back at Sanders during a press briefing in a heated exchange

It seems pretty clear that Karem has no place in the briefing room.

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