Media Wants Blaming Trump To Go Viral

Eric Scheiner | March 13, 2020
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In this week’s Wacky Moments of Liberal Expression:

CNN Tonight host Don Lemon was out of control as he raged against former Ohio Governor John Kasich (R) for not bashing President Trump’s Wednesday night address to the nation about the Coronavirus crisis. At one point, Lemon was so infuriated that he told his guest that he wasn’t allowed to speak anymore.

The leftist media is critical of the GOP if they say “Wuhan Coronavirus or “Chinese Coronavirus” but if they say it it’s okay. They do have a history of saying it. A lot.

The media is so racially sensitive that CNN’s Chris Cuomo tells viewers to “go straight ethnic” in cleaning their homes. Imagine how the media would react if President Trump suggested that.

While previewing an upcoming speech from former Vice President Joe Biden on coronavirus, MSNBC correspondent Mike Memoli gushed that the global pandemic and Trump administration response would “gift wrap” a political “opportunity” for the Democratic frontrunner.

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