The Media Want You To Ignore the Biggest Political Scandal In American History - Pay Attention

Brittany M. Hughes | February 15, 2022
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A lawyer who worked for the Clinton Campaign during the 2016 election allegedly colluded with a tech executive at an Internet company to exploit a federal government contract meant for cyber security research that was misused to spy on the Trump campaign to try to dig up potential ties to Russia. That lawyer then purportedly lied to an FBI agent about his motives, claiming that he wasn’t working for anyone at the time he got the information. Except he was - he was working for the Clinton campaign. And the tech executive at the Internet company he had colluded with allegedly then went on to spy on Trump after he had been elected President of the United States by data mining the information on some White House servers that his company had been hired to maintain. 

All of this is according to new court documents filed in federal court late last week by a top DOJ prosecutor. It’s a story that Hollywood itself couldn’t write. And you would think that a media obsessed with collusion and always looking for a deep conspiracy theory would be all over it. But they aren’t. And they don’t expect you to be paying attention.


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