Media: ‘Stop Beating Up’ Biden! Fear Newsom Recall Instead

Eric Scheiner | September 3, 2021
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In this week’s Wacky Moments Of Leftist Extremism:

The liberal media’s fever may have finally broken after spending the last two weeks or so heavily criticizing President Biden’s unmitigated disaster of a withdrawal from Afghanistan. On Wednesday’s edition of his show, CNN’s Don Lemon spent most of the hand-off from Cuomo Prime Time demanding people “stop beating up on” the President.

On Wednesday CBS Evening News decided it was time to abandon coverage of President Biden’s Afghanistan debacle, on Thursday, CBS This Morning and NBC’s Today show both made the same decision to ignore the ongoing foreign policy disaster. They did make time to cover the important stories on fighting video game addiction and Broadway musicals reopening however.

Reality has always been fairly, well, real for most of us, but the leftist media decided this week that we have entered “extreme reality” because of “human-caused climate change.” ABC’s Good Morning America informs us that we are experiencing “extreme reality” now. The past was only “somewhat reality” perhaps? 

While the leftist “news” networks are certain of “human-caused climate change” they are not so sure about the scientific evidence on the heartbeats of the unborn. CBS This Morning on Thursday reacted to the news that the Supreme Court has refused to halt Texas’s bill banning abortion after six weeks. Reporter Ben Tracy dismissed it as stopping abortion “once a so-called fetal heartbeat is detected.” 

To witness these moments of media madness and much more watch the video.

For a complete rundown of the media’s leftist agenda check out NewsBusters.



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