Media Speculates About Ivanka Trump’s Potential ‘Sex Playlist’

ashley.rae | October 26, 2017
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President Trump has a new reason to rail against the liberal media. Forget speculation about his own sex life, the media is now speculating about his daughter’s sex life.

In an allegedly investigative piece, the Huffington Post’s Ashley Feinberg claims to have discovered Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s “sex playlist.” According to Feinberg, since Ivanka made a playlist a few days before her anniversary with Kushner, they will be “presumably” be engaging in “missionary-style love-making with 2004 pop sensation James Blunt crooning in their ear.”

Feinberg continues in graphic detail (warning: offensive language):

The 21-minute-long collection of songs is as horny as it is depressing. The playlist evokes motionless, antiseptic coitus. It evokes two Tide pens in a plastic sale tub. It evokes Lysol wipes. It evokes the smooth, genderless slopes of a couple of undressed dolls. This is sex music only in the sense that two pages pressed together in a new Williams Sonoma catalog is sex.

The piece also includes an obligatory attack on Ivanka and Kushner for growing up in wealth and having positions in the White House:

So, is this Ivanka and Jared’s 21-minute sex playlist? The verdict here is a lusty yes. And if you, too, want to make love for 21 minutes like Jared and Ivanka, just grab a partner, put on this playlist, and be born to millionaire parents who thrust vitally important jobs onto you for which you are grossly unqualified. Enjoy!

The “sex playlist” story has been picked up by sources such as Elite Daily, Vice, the Daily Dot, and the feminist female-empowerment site Bustle, that is ironically all about expressing your sexuality without shame.

In Elite Daily’s analysis of the playlist, they called it “boring. And depressing as hell.” They also slammed the couple for being a “milquetoast, ethically dubious power couple.”  The Daily Dot is even waiting for Chrissy Teigen, a notorious Trump hater, to chime in with her thoughts about her husband, John legend, being included in the playlist.

The track-by-track “Objective Review” of the playlist on Vice’s Noisey website is so vulgar and explicit, it is not appropriate to be reprinted here. If you would like to read it, it is available here (you’ve been warned).

Given a recent poll has just shown 46 percent of Americans believe the news media makes up stories about Trump, perhaps this also extends to his own daughter.

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