Media Reports on 'Bold' Idea in Baltimore: Pay Killers Not To Kill

Eric Scheiner | February 18, 2021
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“A community activist is pushing a bold strategy to reduce murders in the city – pay people not to kill,” a FOX45 news anchor says before introducing a piece on Tyree Moorehead.

Um, “bold,” really? I guess cowering to criminals and paying them to do the morally right thing is now “bold,” I thought "stupid" may be more apt.

According to the WBFF-TV report on Tuesday, Moorehead’s “bold” idea follows his realization that painting “no shoot zones” in areas of the city, just isn’t working.

No shoot zones, the sidewalk, streetside sacred space where, after murder, there should be no more killing there. 

He recognizes even that hasn’t slowed Baltimore's bloodshed and now he eyes what he believes is a breakthrough.

"I can relate to the shooters, guess what they want? They want money.“

Wow. That certainly makes those shooters very unique individuals. At least he’s recognized that his painted “no shoot zones” haven’t “slowed Baltimore's bloodshed”  - if only government would realize the same.

In what comes as no shock whatsoever, WBFF reports that a former police spokesman does not agree with paying to prevent murder.

"It speaks to the desperation that we all have," said former Baltimore Police spokesman T.J. Smith.

Smith agrees we have to think creatively to stop relentless violence but doesn’t believe that paying criminals is the answer.

He doesn’t? Imagine that.