Media: A ‘Misstep’ For Biden To Declare Who’s Black – But Trump Is Source Of All Wrong


In this week’s Wacky Moments of Liberal Expression:

The week started off with the liberal media coming up with creative, soft, gentle ways to protect Joe Biden after he decided he should decree who was really black in America.

On Sunday's AM Joy, during a discussion of what presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden should offer to black voters in exchange for their support, race-obsessed MSNBC host Joy Reid twice claimed that President Donald Trump promised white Americans that he would take actions against "brown immigrants."

An MSNBC crew lecturing people for not wearing masks while outside were exposed for their hypocrisy. When MSNBC journalist Cal Perry reported live from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, he pointed at someone who was not wearing a face mask, and claimed “nobody was wearing them” the man shot back, "Including the cameraman." 

There is a lot of leftist media bias to be seen in the coverage of the riots in Minneapolis (if a network allows a reporter to call them “riots”). MSNBC’s Brian Williams took the insanity to a higher level by posing the question, “what would our last president have done and what would he have said by now?” His guest thinks he wouldn't have been able to stop it. (And he didn't, in Ferguson or Baltimore).

For more moments of wackiness, check out the video above and click over to NewsBusters.

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