Media Meltdown: When Dems Fail - Blame Racism & Trump!

Eric Scheiner | November 6, 2021
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In this week's Wacky Moments of Leftist Extremism:

It was a horrendous night on Tuesday for liberals as Republicans were poised to sweep into power in previously blue Virginia and running a close race for New Jersey’s governor’s mansion. And with that, MSNBC was beside itself with DEFCON-1 levels of hysteria and screams of ‘racism’.

The liberal media’s immediate reaction to the left’s defeat in Virginia on Election Day was to start screaming at the state and accusing voters of forwarding a racist agenda because Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin (R) had promised to get Critical Race Theory out of schools there. But to help perpetuate the false narrative, they ignored how those same Virginia voters elected Winsome Sears (R), a black former Marine who immigrated to the U.S. from Jamaica, to be their lieutenant governor.

CNN Inside Politics host John King agreed with Democratic strategist Paul Begala on Thursday that Republican attacks against Critical Race Theory were nothing more than racist dog whistles for suburbanites who don't like diversity. At one point, King went so far as to echo Democratic allegations that it was a "horsesh*t" issue.

After NBC and the rest of the leftist media blatantly lied about Critical Race Theory “not being taught” in Virginia schools ahead of Tuesday’s gubernatorial race, on Wednesday’s Today show, White House correspondent Kristen Welker hypocritically admitted that failed Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe probably shouldn’t have dismissed the issue. What?

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