Media Hold A 'Not-See' Party – Claim Biden Is Unifying!

Eric Scheiner | September 2, 2022
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In this week’s Wacky Moments of Leftist Extremism:

Morning Joe believes this was the week where everything turned around for the Democrats. Joe: There's a time in a game, a basketball game, you can just see it on the court happening. Football game. Soccer. And in politics. I've always noticed it in politics. I'm sure you have, too. Where a momentum shifts in a very significant way. 

The media believe that moment includes calling Republicans all kinds of names. CNN’s Don Lemon absurdly claimed that President Biden was “unifying” the country by calling Republicans fascists this week.

MSNBC contributor Kurt Bardella’s formula of political analysis is to blindly point to a list of history’s bad guys and declare it was Nazis and Bolsheviks that are comparable to pro-life Republicans who don’t like the media.

Of course the leftist media would inevitably lie in order to make the case for why Biden's blatantly hate-filled, partisan-political speech on Thursday night was justified. They choose to “not see” his divisiveness.

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For a look at these moments of media madness watch the video above.

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