Media Downplay Humanity of a Deceased 'Fetus' Found Aboard a Plane

Caleb Tolin | August 7, 2018
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On Tuesday, a deceased baby was found in the toilet of an American Airlines flight headed from Charlotte, North Carolina to the LaGuardia Airport in New York. And amid the tragedy of this story, the liberal media used it to push their narrative that the pre-born are merely "fetuses," not actually babies. 

Here are a few of their headlines:

Early Tuesday morning, several media outlets, including Newsweek, The Washington Post, USA Today, CBS, and CNN, reported that a 5-to-6-month-old deceased “fetus” was discovered in the bathroom on an American Airlines plane.

“The OCME can confirm we’re investigating what we believe to be a human fetus found deceased on an airplane," read a statement from the city medical examiner's office obtained by WNBC. "We will release determination when investigation is complete.”

"As we continue to learn more about this tragic and sensitive situation, we are actively cooperating with law enforcement in its investigation," their statement continued.

As if the story itself weren't horrible enough, every single one of these liberal-driven media outlets denied this child the dignity he or she deserved by refusing to recognize that it was, in fact, a child. After all, that would ruin their abortion-friendly narrative.