Media In Despair! Trump Juror Says Too Much – 45 Responds Faster Than Biden Admin To Ohio

Eric Scheiner | February 24, 2023
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In this week’s Wacky Moments of Leftist Extremism:

In the movies, jurors can be heroic. But on television, they might seem ditzy and self-involved. CNN This Morning played excerpts from an interview of Emily Kohrs, the forewoman of a special Georgia grand jury that investigated efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election. CNN's legal correspondent feels Trump’s lawyers going to have a “field day” with the interview .Imagine CNN having to ponder their own role in possibly ruining a Trump indictment they were all dreaming about.

ABC's World News Tonight, and CBS Evening News started helping President Biden and the incompetent diversity hire transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg blame former President Donald Trump and Republicans for the toxic train derailment in Ohio. Parroting the Biden administration talking points he was given, ABC correspondent Alex Presha crowed that "the White House [is] saying it's Trump himself that owes residents in East Palestine an apology."

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MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson put his foot in his mouth and embarrassed himself on national television with his deranged and fact-free commentary. Days after claiming Florida is "all crystal meth and alligators," Johnson went on MSNBC's The 11th Hour to claim there is no Republican Party, and that they are just a front for a terrorist organization. 

On Wednesday, the three evening network broadcasts ignored a report that Joe Biden’s delinquent crackhead son Hunter hasn’t been cooperating with congressional requests for documents related to his corrupt foreign business dealings. This is just the latest example of the leftist news networks covering for the Biden crime family. Why no interest in the president’s son resisting congressional requests?


For a look at these moments of media madness and more watch the video above.

A complete rundown on the leftist media insanity can be found at NewsBusters.

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