Media: Democratic Scandals Are Like ‘The Tooth Fairy’ – No Need To Cover Them - Wacky MOLE

Eric Scheiner | May 15, 2020
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In this week’s Wacky Moments of Liberal Expression:

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough was all upset that people call him out for his mistakes. Scarborough opened Tuesday's Morning Joe by moaning about how the pro-Trump media criticizes him for his "mistakes." In contrast, an upset Scarborough claimed, those same meanies ignore Trump's many "lies."

MSNBC hack Nicolle Wallace continued covering for Joe Biden on her show Deadline: White House, Thursday afternoon by completely dismissing the unmasking Flynn scandal as a “made up fantasy” like the “tooth fairy.”

After years of the leftist media hosting Rep. Adam Schiff to discuss all the criminal “evidence” he knew about in the Trump/Russian Collusion Hoax, you think the media may have been embarrassed when it turned out there was no actual evidence.  But you would be wrong, as Schiff returned to cable news this week to discuss why the unmasking Flynn scandal is just to “distract attention” away from Trump’s “crimes.”

CNN had some very exciting news to tell you about CNN this week. According to a CNN poll, CNN is the "most trusted news source" on cable TV. Who better to trust than CNN when talking about how great CNN is?  CNN’s Brian Stelter tweeted about CNN’s performance in the CNN poll.

This was just the tip of the iceberg of leftist media wackiness, for more check out NewsBusters.

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