The Media Defends Knife Fights & Takes A Stab At Creating 'Climate Anxiety' - Wacky MOLE



In this week's Wacky Moments Of Leftist Extremism:

MSNBC’s Joy Reid was portraying knife fights as a pedestrian occurrence in order to smear police. “I remember fights in even high school or even younger than that where a kid brought a pen knife or something to school, and teachers were able to defuse that and they didn’t have guns,” Reid said this week. The real problem Reid had with the police shooting incident in Ohio, “Somebody — one of the officers who responded to the scene had on a Blue Lives Matter face mask.”

CNN, of all places, had the audacity to complain about loaded chyrons from their competitors at Fox News. New Day, new co-host Brianna Keilar actually tore into Fox for “conspiracy theories and fear mongering.” Of course the network has failed to respond to the recent Project Veritas video, where their own employee calls CNN “propaganda.”

The journalists at CBS This Morning on Thursday used Earth Day as an excuse to promote fear, touting “climate anxiety” among teens. They didn’t mention that studies show a link between people with “climate anxiety” and mental illness.

The recent passing of Walter Mondale led CBS to make an interesting conclusion this week. CBS This Morning co-anchor Tony Dokoupil claimed Mondale — “a self-described progressive” — ultimately “won” his ideological argument with former President Ronald Reagan, as Dokoupil insisted that today “government is not the problem in people’s lives that Reagan described.”

For a look at these media clips and more watch the video above.

For a complete run down on media wackiness, check out NewsBusters.

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