Media Deceits Of The Week: Gun Shaped Lapel Pins Are Killing Kids & Biden ‘Extremely Well-Liked’

Eric Scheiner | February 17, 2023
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In This week's Wacky Moments Of Leftist Extremism:

ABC’s The View unleashed some truly crazy takes on gun control this week. Joy Behar was so unhinged that she seriously blamed Republicans wearing gun-shaped lapel pins for causing “kids to die.” When lapel pins are outlawed, only the outlaws will have lapel pins.

Isn’t it great when people who don’t have a clue about an activity think they can tell those who participate in said activity what’s best for them? That’s how The View’s Whoopi Goldberg approached using AR-15’s for hunting, claiming the weapons aren’t for sportsmen, “you can't shoot anything with an AR-15 and get any meat.” I’m sure Whoopi has a lot of experience hunting, she seems soooo knowledgeable.

The ever-inept White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre joined MSNBC for a softball sit-down with leftist host Jonathan Capehart where, despite his gentle questions, Jean-Pierre still struggled to use complete sentences and even made up a new name for Canada.

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PBS News on Sunday featured woke propaganda by promoting a poet of the “queer life” who cannot quite forgive himself for being born a white man. The poet lets us know he’s against cultural appropriation and…poet Walt Whitman, for being white.

For a look at these moments of leftist lunacy watch the video above.

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