Media Concerned Over NRA Donors And Other Liberal Wackiness

Eric Scheiner | April 27, 2018
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It’s a liberal media pop quiz in this week’s edition of Wacky Moments of Liberal Expression.

Question#1.  What does CNN call a Hispanic Trump Advisor?  

Question #2.  How does the liberal media change their description of an African-American rapper they once called  “courageous,” after he expresses support for President Trump?

Question #3. What historic event pops into current liberal media minds when the French President shakes hands with VP Mike Pence?

Question #4. When Americans make record donations to the NRA, what becomes the biggest concern to the liberal media?

Question#5. What’s the best way to handle CNN”s Jim Acosta when he starts whining (again) that he doesn’t get enough respect from the White House?

Watch the video above for all of the answers and click on NewBusters for extra credit.

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