Media Claims the White House Covered the USS John McCain...But Evidence Says Otherwise

John Romero | May 30, 2019
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On Wednesday, Wall Street Journal contributors Rebecca Ballhaus and Gordon Lubold posted a story stating that the USS John McCain was purposefully covered up while docked in Japan so President Trump would not be upset by its sight. Despite information refuting the claim, this story was widely circulated by the mainstream media outlets, Sen. Richard Blumenthal, and was even tweeted out by the late senator’s daughter.

According to the article, 

Acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan was aware of the concern about the presence of the USS John McCain in Japan and approved measures to ensure it didn’t interfere with the president’s visit, a U.S. official said.

This was disputed by the Secretary Shanahan who said, “What I read this morning was the first I heard about it,” when asked about the ship. This claim was again disputed by the U.S. Navy’s Chief of Information in a tweet yesterday. 

A picture of a tarp covering a part of the USS John S. McCain was also widely circulated.

Midway through the article WSJ states,

The picture of the tarp was taken on Friday and the tarp was taken down on Saturday, a Navy official said. The paint barge was also removed ahead of the presidential visit, said Cmdr. Clayton Doss, a spokesman for the Navy’s Seventh Fleet.

(Cover: Flickr / The Epoch Times)

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