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Maryland Police Officer Buys Diapers for Mother Caught Stealing


For all the flak that police officers receive in this country, one officer in Maryland decided to give back while still upholding the law.

Laurel Police rookie Officer Bennett Johns received a call from a grocery store claiming a mother was caught attempting to steal diapers for her baby. What Johns did for the mother is grabbing headlines.

According to Fox 32-Chicago, after Johns spoke to the mother and learned of her plight to provide for the child, Johns bought the diapers for the woman himself.

“This mother was going out of her way and doing everything she can to provide for her kid and I can respect that," Johns said. "I can sympathize with that as well so that is why I felt compelled to help the mother in purchasing the diapers for the kid.”

While Johns empathized with the woman’s situation, and paid for the woman to bring home diapers for her baby, he still understood that her situation didn’t justify her breaking the law.

Fox 32 reported:

Officer Johns did have to issue the woman a criminal citation for theft, but he says he felt compelled to make the purchase for her[…]

Officer Johns says the mother will need to appear in court while the legal process plays out with her citation. The theft charge is a misdemeanor.

“They do many many things that the general public doesn't really see," said Laurel Mayor Craig Moe. "They work hard at it. I can tell you that and we are going to continue to make sure we reach out to the community.”

Moe is right. The stories about police officers in the ideology-driven media usually don't show the good things that officers do for their respective communities on a daily basis.

For video of this story, watch below:


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