Md. Councilwoman Calls Trump 'RETARDED' and Compares Him to Mentally Disabled Patients

Nick Kangadis | April 10, 2017
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A Maryland councilwoman is apparently suffering from Foot-In-Mouth disease.

Salisbury City Councilwoman April Jackson posted a Facebook status last Thursday proclaiming that President Trump is “RETARDED.”

“Ya’lls President is RETARDED…..He’s far pass the Holly Center,” Jackson wrote on her Facebook page. 

For those that don’t know, the referenced Holly Center “is a state-operated, 24-hour residential training facility for individuals with developmental disabilities.”

That’s right. Jackson not only called the President of the United States “retarded,” she then made it worse by comparing Trump to a facility where mentally disabled or challenged people try to make their lives better.

Here's the original deleted post:

Anyone else notice that Jackson either "liked," "laughed" or "loved" her own post? Pathetic.

Not to be outdone, Jackson commented on the controversy surrounding her comments, and as far as I can tell, she apologized for nothing.

“I just used the Holly Center as a place I know where people have mental illness. I stand by what I said about (President Trump)..." Jackson said. "Maybe I was wrong for using the Holly Center to say something about (President Trump), but I stand by what I said about him.”

Maybe you were wrong?! Sorry, but Jackson is a bad person. People like Jackson always tell others that they need to be politically correct, but she sees no problem with what she said about not only the president, but mentally disabled people as well.

The spineless mayor of Salisbury, Jake Day, defended Jackson purely on the basis that he knows her.

“This statement, while insensitive and careless and indicative of the pitfalls of social media,” said Day, “is not indicative of the heart or values of the April Jackson I know.”

Well, Mr. Mayor. You obviously don’t know everything about Jackson.

After Jackson got tired of the response she was getting for her post, she took the typical liberal tactic of blaming everyone but herself.

Here’s Jackson’s since deleted Facebook response to her original post, according to WBOC 16 - Delmarva:

Well I’ve been told I can’t say what I want on Facebook…Are you kidding me? But Trump can insult people all day everyday … Wow!

I’m sorry, Ms. Jackson. You’re a public servant that apparently doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong.

For video of this story, watch below:



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