McEnany Shuts Down CBS Reporter Asking if Trump Misled Americans on Virus

Nick Kangadis | September 10, 2020
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The radical media want their narratives. No, they need their narratives. If they don't have them, how else will they peddle their overt propaganda?

During Wednesday's White House press briefing, CBS News' Paula Reid asked White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany whether President Donald Trump "intentionally mislead the American people about the threat of COVID" following the release of audio from interviews Trump did with journalist Bob Woodward.

"I’d like to ask you about the Woodward interviews," Reid said before asking her question. "Did President Trump intentionally mislead the American people about the threat of COVID, a pandemic that has now cost the lives of nearly 200,000 Americans?

You gotta love how Reid slid the COVID death count in there to add a little extra dig as if Trump is personally responsible for every life lost, even though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in late August that only six percent of COVID deaths are from COVID alone.

In response, McEnany clearly explained that Trump wanted to convey a message of "confidence" and "calm."

"Absolutely not. This President — at a time when you’re facing insurmountable challenges, it’s important to express confidence, it’s important to express calm," McEnany responded.

Of course that wasn't good enough for Reid, who almost acted outraged as if she wanted McEnany to throw her boss under the bus.

Reid continued and partially quoted Trump, leaving out the part where Trump said that he wanted to maintain calm.

"He said specifically, “I wanted to always play it down.” Is “playing it down,” is that — is that expressing calm?" Reid asked before injecting her "expert" opinion into the equation. "It seems dishonest. It seems like a lie."

Does it, Paula? Does it seem "like a lie?" Or are you intentionally misleading the American people like you accuse others of doing?

When McEnany confronted Reid about reading the rest of Trump's quote, Reid flippantly responded.

"We’ll play the full thing on “60 Minutes” on Sunday," Reid said.

Do people still watch "60 Minutes?" Is Andy Rooney still asking questions? I know. I know.

After McEnany explained the situation and read the quote in full context, Reid asked a question that is very telling of how the radical media does their business of pushing propaganda. There's one word Reid uses that explains a lot. See if you can spot it.

"So when we hear these tapes, it will not appear that the President lied to the American public about the threat posed by COVID?" Reid asked.

Did you spot it? Reid used the word "appear" as if to intimate that it doesn't matter whether Trump actually lied or not, but how will it "appear" when we - meaning CBS - broadcasts it out of context?

Every word these vultures use matters.

McEnany ended the exchange by quoting the left's patron saint of medicine, Dr. Anthony Fauci.


The President was expressing calm, and his actions reflect that.

"On January 6th, the CDC issued a Wuhan travel notice before any confirmed U.S. cases, among another — a number of other actions," McEnany said. "And I’d refer you to Dr. Fauci who said that this President has an impressive response. “I can’t imagine under any circumstance that [anyone] could be doing [anything] more.” That is the record of this President."

For video of the exchange, watch below:


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