McEnany Returns Mail-In Voter Question To Sender: ‘We Want A Free And Fair Election'

Eric Scheiner | May 20, 2020
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White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, presented the media with a question about mail-in voting during Wednesday’s press conference. “I assume you care about fairness and accuracy in our elections, do you not?” she asked the press.

McEnany's question came as she was answering a series of inquiries on President Trump’s tweet about Michigan’s expansion of mail-in voting going down the “Voter Fraud path!”



“So first, with regard to the president doing a mail-in vote, the president is, after all, the president, which means he's here in Washington. He's unable to cast his vote down in Florida, his state of residence. So for him, that's why he had to do a mail in vote. 

But he supports mail-in voting for a reason. When you have a reason that you are unable to be present,” McEnany said.

The reporter then interrupted, mentioning that there is currently a primary going on in Michigan. 

Then the back-and-forth began.

“There is right now. We're very far from November 3rd,” McEnany responded. “I'm glad that you have the prediction tool. You can tell us what will be happening on November 3rd 2020. I certainly don't. Nor does the president. I assume you care about fairness and accuracy in our elections, do you not? 

“Of course I do, but there is not evidence that there is wide spread voter fraud with mail-in ballots,” The reporter replied.

“There is evidence,” McEnany replied. “You can go look this up on ProPublica. There is a bipartisan consensus on the fact that mass mail-in voting can lead to fraud. There was a 2005 commission by none other than President Carter, who is not a member of the Republican Party, and also James Baker about this, concluding that these ballots, quote, remain the largest source of potential voter fraud. So this is a concern, the president's right to look at this. We want a free and fair election. And that's his concern.”

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