Maybe She Was Born With It? #BoycottMaybelline Trends After Beauty Brand Partners With Trans 'Influencer'

Brittany M. Hughes | April 24, 2023
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Maybe she was born with it. Or maybe it’s…really a dude.

Apparently believing that a beauty brand for women would fare better than a beer label meant for bros, Maybelline has joined the growing list of companies that have ditch science for social justice by hiring Dylan Mulvaney, a biological male masquerading as a girl, as the newest face for their product.

In this case, a cosmetics line marketed almost exclusively to women. 

In a video dated March 14, Mulvaney showcased himself smearing on gobs of foundation and hot pink eye shadow ahead of his one-year anniversary of “being a girl,” captioning the clip, ““Getting glam for my Day 365 show @maybelline #maybellinepartner.”

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Now, customers irritated at constantly having a grown man dressed as a teenage girl shoved in their faces are vowing to boycott the iconic 110-year-old makeup company, with “#BoycottMaybelline” trending on social media Monday.

While one-off victories have been won, it remains to be seen whether boycotts over trans influencers will hold, or have any impact on companies' decisions to push the alphabet agenda on annoyed consumers. While Bud Light’s already lost about $6 million in market value and booted its vice president of marketing over its own Dylan Mulvaney disaster, women-focused brands like Ulta Beauty seem to have weathered the controversy with less residual fallout, as female customers seem far less likely to be bothered by commercials showing men cosplaying as members of their gender.

But regardless of whether boycotts move the needle or if women are browbeaten into accepting that dudes can rock a set of fake eyelashes and pumps as well as any lady, the truth holds fast: Dylan Mulvaney is a man.

And no amount of waterproof Great Lash will change that.

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