Maxine Waters Justifies Violent Protests: 'Protest is About Making You Feel Uncomfortable'

Nick Kangadis | November 5, 2018
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If she were ever to be given credit for anything other than consistenly being one of the most corrupt politicians in Washington, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) should get credit for sticking to her guns when it comes to calling for incivility in our society.

Honestly, Waters probably thinks that protesters haven’t gone far enough in combatting opposing thought. At least that’s what it sounded like when she spoke with journalist Roland Martin on his interview program "Unfiltered" this past weekend.

“I told someone the other day who is trying to say that we’re violent when we protest, protest is about making you feel uncomfortable,” Waters said. “I’m not supposed to come to you and say, ‘May I protest you?’ No, absolutely not.”

Notice how Waters’ answer didn’t include a denial that the Left is violent when they protest. She merely gave justification as to why that seems to be the case.

"If your heart tells you that this is what you need to do because you see some injustice, that you see people who are creating you know a terrible time and pain for others and you want to protest to try and make change to try and make it right, then speak what your heart is telling you to do," Waters word-chucked.

There's that Leftist "tolerance" rearing its ugly head again.

Check out Waters’ comments (You can also watch the full interview):


H/T: NTK Network

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