Maxine Waters Hilariously Can't Handle Mueller Report Findings, Calls Trump Supporters 'Sycophants'

Nick Kangadis | March 25, 2019
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One of the most corrupt members of Congress isn’t going to let pesky facts get in the way of a seemingly nefarious far-leftist agenda of overthrowing a sitting U.S. president.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) wants everyone to believe that the president is the one who has engaged in “indoctrination” over the last couple of years concerning the results of the Mueller report, which was to determine whether or not President Donald Trump colluded with Russia to fix the 2016 election. Don’t let Waters’ own indoctrination effort, through her repeated calls for Trump’s impeachment, distract you from her assertion that “this is not the end of anything.”

Waters spoke with MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Sunday to talk — complain would be more accurate — about the findings in the Mueller report that “did not find any U.S. or Trump campaign officials knowingly conspired with Russia,” as reported by Reuters.

“I want to tell you that this president has a way of trying to get into people’s heads and indoctrinate them,” Waters said. “He’s been saying ‘no collusion, no collusion, no collusion’ over and over again for a long time now, and he’s going to try and conclude that this report is proving that there’s no collusion. And you have a lot of his sycophants who will, you know, take the nod from him and say the same thing.”

Waters has a point. Trump has lived in her head, rent-free, for over two years.

Waters is boiling. See for yourselves:


By the way, in case you weren’t paying attention, Waters called Trump supporters “sycophants.” According to, a “sycophant” is “a self-seeking servile flatterer; fawning parasite.” So a sitting member of Congress, who is supposed to be a servant of the people, indirectly called a large portion of those people parasites.

It’s okay, though. Don’t get mad. Just take solace in the fact that Waters, and other delusional lawmakers like her, have apparently been wrong this whole time. Just another notch on the post of one of the most corrupt members of Congress.