Maxine Waters Shows Full-On Trump Derangement Syndrome: 'Lying, Crooked, Tax Evader, Porn Star Fornicator'


U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters went on an unhinged Twitter tirade late Monday, slamming President Donald Trump as a "lying, crooked, tax evader, porn star fornicator" and reiterating her vow to "impeach him and throw him out of office."

“Trump is an embarrassing unAmerican traitor! How dare he denounce and belittle VP Biden on foreign soil on Memorial Day!” she tweeted. 

Waters was referring to Trump agreeing with North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un on Joe Biden being a “low IQ individual” during a press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo.

“How can these spineless Republicans look their spouses and children in the face and claim to teach them patriotism?” Waters continued. “America's disgraceful president is totally out of control! He is now supporting murderous dictator Kim Jong Un who is testing ballistic missiles and threatening the United States.”

The 80-year-old Democrat went on to question the president’s loyalty to the Unites States, and proceeded to demean him with the upmost contempt.

“Low life Trump - lying, crooked, tax evader, porn star fornicator - should take his ridiculous self home, resign, and free us of what we will have to do to impeach him and throw him out of office!” Waters ranted.

Looking at the comments on her crazy post, you find a great deal of people who figured she should be pointing her finger at herself and others who ignored the symptoms of her battle with Trump Derangement Syndrome showing support for the president instead.

“You should be the one who resigns, you’re the most hateful woman in Congress,” Chris Coon tweeted. 

“Trump 2020,” Brandon Tatum posted.

“Impeach Maxine Waters 2020,” another wrote.

“Ironically enough, half of the American people feel the same way about you and most of your colleagues…” someone said truthfully.

There are plenty more of those comments exposing the Democratic representatives’ hypocritical statements, but I’m sure the congresswoman will keep exhibiting those Trump Derangement Syndrome symptoms for us to observe without batting an eye. 

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