Math Is Hard, M'Kay? Alyssa Milano Says Musk Could Have Ended World Hunger With the Cash Used to Buy Twitter

Brittany M. Hughes | November 30, 2022
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The number of people who’ve grandstandingly blasted Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, only to crawl their way back on the platform, is steadily growing.

Next on the list: actress Alyssa Milano, who, in light of having not done anything remotely notable in the entertainment business since Charmed, has kept herself relevant by Twitting Angrily at the right, and who earlier this week said she’s gone so far as to give up her Tesla in favor of a Volkswagen (more on that bit of hilarity here).

But Milano now says she has no plans to quit the platform despite hating its new owner and declaring Twitter open for white supremacy, fascism, hate, [insert leftist scapegoat here], etc.

“We can’t cede that territory. It’s like turf war. That’s how I look at it," Milano said on The View Tuesday.

"If we’re not representing our side of, of the political discourse, aren’t we just saying, you know what you can have Twitter," she went on, apparently not realizing the irony in her statement given that conservatives’ desire to represent their side of the political discourse - and subsequently getting banned when we do - is exactly what we’ve been asking for all along, and what Musk is finally offering.

To be fair, it’s a good thing Milano’s sticking around on Twitter. Because otherwise, we might be deprived of nuggets like this, when she then suggested that Musk could have solved the entire world’s hunger problem with the $44 billion he spent buying the company.

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"You buy Twitter to destroy it...Imagine if he donated that money to UNICEF. He would change the world. There would be no hunger!" she said.

Even more embarrassingly, she apparently thought enough about that little pearl of wisdom to tweet it out at Musk.

For comparison, U.S. taxpayers spent more than $5 billion on world hunger in 2022, according to the U.S. Embassy. In total, the United Nations spent nearly $10 billion on their World Food Programme this year alone. According to U.N. World Food Program Executive Director David Beasley, it would take about $40 billion every year to solve world hunger by 2030.

The bottom Line? $44 billion one time isn’t gonna cut it.

But despite being willing to pay billions to buy a social media platform and open it up to true free speech, between his philanthropy and contributions to sustainable energy and tech innovations, it’s pretty safe to say Musk has made a far greater Impact on the betterment of mankind and helping vulnerable populations that Milano, whose most recent claims to fame have been professionally protesting and complaining about everyone else.